Moderen design 16.23 UTC Wednesday, 15 April 2020

Moderen software, websites and its "design" are just an ugly mask atop of a clamped together base. Javascript libraries and complicated css features will slow down your website and impact the resources on client-side. The biggest sin is using electron. Imagine using a chromium and javascript, css backend just to build an "app". Using a javascript framework or any other "web" framework wont make your website any more "moderen" or "better" or whatever, use plain html without fancy elements and javascript, there you have it, a simple website, that renders the same on every device and consumes next to nothing resources.
Anyway, its been a while (7 months) since i've written a blog; I have many ideas but when it comes to writing it down, its like decrypting them.

Music 13.36 UTC Sunday, 05 September 2019

When i was deciding what to include in this site i thought of making a music section, but it was taken by bookmarks. Instead i will sometimes write about music here. I listen to same style of music for forever, i jus get tired of some songs and listen more of others from my vast collection. My favourite bands are Metallica, Sabaton, Smashing Pumpkins, Blink-182. For the past day Mazzy Star was mostly played, the lyrics touch you even more than some of Smashing Pumpkins. Electronic music is also in my library, it goes great with programming. The playlist is just shuffle of my whole library.

A small update 19.15 UTC Sunday, 01 September 2019

The site wasnt updated for a few days, ive been learing some C# (sorry Stallman but its for school),there was also enough time to create a small CLI game in python3, its in early beta but i have some great ideas that will be implemented in game. Game is in RPG stats, you can choose between 3 classes and there is a 3x3 map, game also needs some kind of atmosphere, i thought about near-future SEL kind of enviroment. When i start doing a project i just cant rest until its in runnable phase.

Cant think of a blog title 19.47 UTC Sunday, 25 August 2019

I usually find time to update this website everyday but ive been feeling less creative for a day or so. What ive been doing you may wonder? Well, i have found some time to play videogames with my friend from high school (we had a great time) and explored some neocities pages. Many neocities sites have javascript, but note that my wont have it, because i hate the idea of another program executing behind (there will be an article about that in GNU/Linux section in the future). My school starts in a week, the schedule wont be bloated so there will be plenty of time to write for this website. I may wite about music since i listen to it almost all the time when i work on computer. Hmm..

Videogames and nostalgia 14.48 UTC Wednesday, 21 August 2019

I felt like writing a new blog, but i didnt have any idea what to write about. Many years back i used to play vidya all day either solo, with my neighbor or online... Those were times... I was in middle school, worring about nothing, just enjoying the day and not looking into the future. DamnWE NEED TO GO BACK.I had the shittiest possible equipment and enjoyed videogames like i wont see them next day. Nowdays i just cant enjoy them anymore, all the exiting feelings are gone and my big steam library is lonely. Its just hard to understand... i have a decent PC for my games and also enough time but i just spend countless hours on imageboards sites, listening to music with an open terminal showing a command likeman orhtop. The last thing that made me feel exited was writing for this website and seeing that it interested some people (there is 682 views currently!). Listen to this while reading the blog Smashing Pumpkings - 1979.

Intro 19.12 UTC Sunday, 18 August 2019

Well this is my first blog so i will describe how i got into making this website and my "vision" for it. When i was bored and watching yotube i found a video of a linux related youtuber showing the neocities service. I knew of neocities and geocities before and always wanted to make my own personal website so i made it on august 11th of 2019. Moderen web is bloated and web 3.0 is a big mistake that sadly almost noone noticed. Who knows what terrors will web 4.0 bring. Be sure to watch this YT video: Video about web evolution in 4.33 minutes